1950 Census Informational and Training Videos

This is a list of videos that provided instructions to enumerators and the general public on the taking of the census and its results.

For Enumerators

  • How's Your Interviewing Technique?
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-7, National Archives Identifier (NAID): 178688273
  • Your Map is Your Guide
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-8A, NAID 178688274
  • Use of Aerial Photographs
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-8B, NAID 178688275
  • Occupation, Industry, and Class of Worker
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-3, NAID 178688268
  • Income
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-4, NAID 178688269
  • Dwelling Unit and Type of Structure
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-5, NAID 178688270
  • Dwelling Unit and Type of Structure
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-5a, NAID 178688271
  • Condition of a Dwelling Unit
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-6, NAID 178688272
  • Financing a Home
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-12, NAID 178688279
  • Mortgages
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-13, NAID 178688280
  • Acres in this Place
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-10, NAID 178688277

For the General Public

  • 1950 Census Public Service Announcements
    Local Identifier: 29-GENERAL-80, NAID 208383217
  • 1950 Census
    Local Identifier: 29-GENERAL-81, NAID 208383218
  • Totaling the 1950 Census
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-14, NAID 178688281
  • The Big Count
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-1, NAID 178688266
  • Where and How Many
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-2, NAID 178688267
  • Getting an Agriculture Questionnaire
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-9, NAID 178688276
  • Land Use in 1949
    Local Identifier: 29-FS-1950-11, NAID 178688278
  • "We Count in 1950" - A U.S. Census Handbook for Secondary School Teachers
    NAID 206240455
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